Conservation Biological Control Project

Integrated Plant Protection Center (Oregon State University) & Oregon Tilth

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Project Background

OSU and Oregon Tilth have initiated a partnership to develop a grower-based program in conservation biological control (CBC).  This partnership will be based upon the principles of Community IPM. Community IPM incorporates IPM in a strategy for local, sustainable agricultural development where farmers:
  • act on their own initiative and analysis;
  • identify and resolve relevant problems;
  • conduct their own local IPM programs that include research and educational activities;
  • elicit support from local institutions;
  • establish or adapt local organizations that include farmers as decision makers;
  • employ problem-solving and decision-making processes that are open and egalitarian;
  • create opportunities for all farmers in their communities to participate and benefit from the IPM activity;
  • promote a locally sustainable agricultural system.
 The program will consist of:
  •  Grower to grower information exchange
  •  Farm walks and demonstrations of techniques
  •  On-farm research and development
  •  Emphasis on farm planning as well as the techniques themselves

Links and documents (all .pdf files requiring Adobe Acrobat. Some files are large!)

Links: Beetle banks and other conservation biological control tactics are seen in a broad conservation context in the UK. Here are examples of specific biocontrol tactics, and examples of their inclusion within habitat and biodiversity action plans: RSPB (UK) Beetle Banks; Game Conservancy Trust (UK) Beetle Banks; Hampshire and Isle of Wight Naturalists Trust (Practical Biodiversity) (UK); UK Agriculture (see "Conservation"; Biodiversity Action Plans from the UK (details of action plans at UK Biodiversity; arable field margins and beetle banks action plan for Birmingham and the Black Country (B&BC); garden (&c) action plan for B&BC;  Northamptonshire County Council Farmland Action Plan; Cambridgeshire Arable Field Margins Action Plan; Cambridge Allotments Network

Some of the best sources of information about conservation biological control in the USA include: ATTRA (USA) and its  Farm-scaping for Biological Control publication; Cornell Biological Control web site; Biological Control etc. in the IPM World Textbook; Biological Control News (mid-west); Alternative Control Research Network (Purdue) including gardening info.; Biological and Integrated Pest Control (U.C. Riverside); Alternatives to Insect Management (North Central USA) link to .pdf document; 

Organizations: Oregon Tilth; the FAO Community IPM project; Community Alliance with Family Farmers (biological farming link); The Wild Farm Alliance; USDA Sustainable Agriculture Network (whole farm approach to pest management link); Stewardship America


  1. Project background: Introduction (June 2003) Jepson, P.C. (2003) New Opportunities for Biological Control In: In Good Tilth 14(4), p1& p18 ; Project background poster (November 2003) Oregon Tilth annual meeting;

  2. Farm Walk I (Persephone Farm): Activities; Farm walk summary;

  3. Farm Walk II (Horton Road and Wintergreen Farms): Event release; Capital Press article (October 31st, 2003); Farm walk summary;

  4. Bugscaping 2003 (Benton County Fairgrounds, November 17th): Event release (Capital Press); Flyer; Scheldule; Posters (in color, reduced to letter size): Insectary Plantings (Basics; How to; Scale Considerations); Beetle Banks (Basics; Evaluation); Posters also shown at "Ecological and Organic Farm Management" workshop, Wilsonville, Oregon, Feb. 25th, 2004

  5. Portland Metro Master Gardeners advanced training (216 MG's), Nov. 22nd, 2003 (with Jan McNeilan (OSU Extension)): Slide show;

  6. Mosier Grange and Columbia Blossom Orchard Farm Walk, March 18th, 2004. Event release, event flyer, schedule, grower summary of beneficial enhancement activities, Powerpoint presentations (Jepson: Farmscaping);  (Brooks: Boosting beneficials in orchards); Insect pathogenic nematode web site

    Participants in the Mosier farm walk ('photo by Paul Jepson)

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