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Maintained by Paul Jepson (Integrated Plant Protection Center, Oregon State University)

This page contains temporary links to time-sensitive integrated pest management (IPM)-related information that is relevant to the state of Oregon, USA. Some files are for general public access, and some are for access only by recipients of e-mail alerts on the OSU-IPM list. This site provides direct links to files that are referred to in the e-mail alerts, avoiding problems created when recipients are sent multiple, large attachments. Messages are sent to public employees in Oregon, including OSU faculty with research and/or extension assignments in IPM, leaders of OSU units with missions that are relevant to IPM, USDA ARS IPM researchers, and staff with IPM responsibilities in USDA NRCS, APHIS PPQ, ODA, ODF, USDA Forest Service, Oregon DEQ, USGS and NOAA Fisheries. The list currently reaches over 200 individuals.

This site is maintained as part of Oregon's participation in the Western Region Integrated Pest Management Center, and as a component of the evolving Oregon Statewide IPM program, housed within the Integrated Plant Protection Center

If you are a public employee with IPM responsibilities, and you would like to be added to the OSU-IPM list, please contact Paul Jepson at jepsonp@science.oregonstate.edu

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May 19th, 2008 Farm Bill Research Title 2008 (.pdf file)

March 10th, 2008 Workshops for Agricultural Professionals (including OSU Extension Service, NRCS, SWCD, Crop Consultants etc.): Habitats and Conservation Practices for Beneficial Insects on Farms. Presented by IPPC and Xerces Society ('Save the date' announcement .doc file)

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